We are high school sweethearts and she is the only woman I have ever had sex with. 2 days later I was a non-smoker. I just felt I need to talk to vent. Need help with your relationship? My wife has occasionally smoked and it was a major turn-on for me. You and your wife should try pot. Stay at Home Mum is the ultimate guide for real mums, the perfect, the imperfect, the facts and just a little cheeky! I started smoking at age8 i saw it as sexy with the women 1968 im old i know still love it all the way matt, Nice way to seek validation that everything youre doing is right. Then I asked her if shes been smoking more frequently, and she said no. I love inhaling deep and watching the smoke come out of my mouth. She took her car later to go to the gym and was upset when she got back and asked why I keep searching her stuff. A forum community dedicated to married life between you and your spouse. Post partum is horrible! They tested his whole crew and they all had elevated lead levels but others werent to poisoning stage. I tried to quit several times cold turkey and can remember jonesing so hard Id smoke a nasty butt from an ashtray. They must be lights. I still hadn't smoked in front of him but I found myself taking more chances (like when we were at parties together and I'd slip away outside). For me, it was willpower and herbs, water and exercise. We are high school sweethearts and she is the only woman I have ever had sex with. Women that smoke is a turn on for me. Hopefully she makes up for all this stuff with some other good qualities eg: great housekeeper/ cook, great in bed, good listener/ supportive. 30 Apr 2023 12:44:32 I literally had panic attacks the first two weeks and would just sit down and cry because of the wirhdrawls. RT @Ruhrpott_44623: I started smoking at 17 and have had no problems with it. Walked out cured! I was heavily addicted to cigarettes, started smoking at 15 and was smoking a pack and a half a day all through my teens and early twenties. I know I am taking it too personally but this is a boundary I cant cross. Also, penis is a good substitute. But it turned out that my boyfriend had a fetish, not any fetish but a smoking fetish. Ugh its so good! P.S. The hardest part with quitting is getting through the first few days. Ive been there. I would be more worried about the health/ $$$ side of it. My gf got me start. Is it the same as a partner putting on weight? It helps reveal thought patterns that trigger and strengthen the habit. You indicated you would like to quit smoking. Copyright 20052023 ConfessionPost.com. Depression is also a side effect, so it may not be right for her. A perfect example of this is the story of Carry Aguillard, who is a former high school teacher and coach. Unless you completely avoid all levels of closeness and intimacy in your relationship, smoking is a habit that leaves traces on even the most careful person. farside, hookah bar is an awesome idea, atleast if she doesn't think it would lead to temptation, they often use herbs that have no medicinal qualities at all, no nicotine or tobacco. I get to see her smoke more and she is so much happier as well. My wife started smoking and it driving a huge wedge between us. My wife and I have been married for seven years and over the course of our relationship I have kept something from her: I have a fetish for women that smoke. My wife however started to join me with the night ciggies and now she's started smoking at work. I do it in hiding so I have to vape. It didnt take him much to do it. A 120 is not a normal 5 min smoke. I am starting to feel good about myself again. How are is your child smoking at 6 yet i have 3 children 7 9 11 all started at 5 years of age know 1ppd each, 8 is allright to smoke how old is your son, 8 year old to smoke i have 3 children 5 7 9 1ppd each, My wife gets me to blow my cigarette smoke over her ti ts and up her c unt then she masturbates before we f uck, Me and my wife do this and it's so damn hot, My daughters now 10 and chain smoker pall mall superkings. i used to chain smoke dunhill international and davidoff gold. I smoked for 8 years before quitting cold turkey. The cost is way too much $50 per packet of 50 every 3 days, added to this is the drinking of wine a bottle per night every night for 15 years. I don't think you need to regret anything! My wife dropped a bomb on me and told me out of guilt she started smoking ecigs (former smoker 9 yrs ago), and has been using "alot" for about 6 months. Getting wife to smoke. But as with any situation, the best step to overcoming a problem is to understand it fully. I didnt know smoking had this power to bond us. I smoke about a pack a day now. Smoking is a symptom, not a cause. 25 years of smoking and Im finally free hope this woman finds a way out before its too late. And if youve tried to quit before and failed, why do you continue to smoke? When both smoked when we started dating. Don't stop, enjoy them. I had post-natal depression and meditation and st.johns wort is a good natural method of treatment for depression unless you want your wife to be a hopelessly addicted pill jockey then for sure get her to see a professional. Martin Buber. But he got lead poisoning and his work was in denial about him being near lead. But this isn't very easy for her. Here's my dilemma, I am not 100% sure shes lying. At least it was his own decision to smoke. Its always been a dealbreaker for both of us. To give you an idea, here are common smoking triggers: There are different tried-and-tested smoking cessation methods that you can do. I was more of a "take it or leave it" smoker, not necessarily feeling the need to smoke a cigarette as soon as I woke up in the morning, and my wife - well not so much. It evolved into a pack a . Smoking can have negative effects on a marriage, especially if only one spouse smokes. She knows my stance on smoking as this topic came multiple times since her father smokes (we eventually convinced him to quit). I wanted not to overreact. She can also speak to her doctor about quitting and the options availible. We have a nice office in our home which only she uses. She said she could finish a pack every three days. This vape pens are cool. Good luck if you love her get her help! By checking this checkbox, I hereby indicate that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by The Dirty Gossip's Terms of Service. He tells me he'd do anything in the world to turn me on, and doesn't understand why I refuse to please him by smoking. And it is a part of your relationship now. They also suffer additional effects such as the following: According to research at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh, UK, a chemical in cigarettes known as cotinine can cause ectopic or tubal pregnancy in a woman. Jeanne..best. For more information, please see our We agreed to quit smoking together after about 6 months to a year of dating. Hope this helps. I started remembering all the signs I mentioned above and now I am super agitated. However, she is concerned that her efforts are not enough after finding out her husband fantasizes about other women who also smoke. Scan this QR code to download the app now. DEAR ABBY: I am a 28-year-old female. It could also result in maternal death when left untreated. We were sitting on the patio of the resort we were staying at and she walked in the room and came out with her pack. Feb 15, 2015. - Last month when we traveled together for few days, she kept on asking if I want to try smoking and it would be nice in this cold weather. Not sure how to deal with this. I smoke 2 packs a day and love it, and so does my wife. All rights reserved. My husband hated it at first, he refused to touch me or kiss me for months! Just like Paul, there are more husbands who suffer from smoking fetish. Virtually any woman, smoking a 120, looks 5 times more sexy than before she lit up. JavaScript is disabled. The smoke causes my heart to beat faster and I love how relaxed I feel..our lovemaking has increased which is not a bad thing. While in college, newly engagedand still smoking a pack . I am very big against smoking. Knowing your reason for this habit will help you better understand where you went wrong and how you can correct your past mistakes. My six year old girl My husband and I are both heavy smokers. None of this will help unless she wants to. It also doesnt help that a wifes very own enabler is her spouse. Wasnt until i googled lead poisoning and told him he had every freaking symptom of lead poisoning that he went and got tested for it. Once identified, the patient can then learn new skills that change how you think about and respond towards cigarettes and the addiction to smoking itself. Alright, so, I read this post 2 years ago or so, and I too love it when a sexy woman smokes. No cigarette since that day. Instead, make an agreement with him. So, the best thing you could do is to seek professional help both for your husband and marriage. Contrarily, women smoke mainly for different reasons such as emotions and habits, although it does not mean they are less dependent on nicotine. P.S. I am becoming a heavy smoker. Eventually the light headed feeling I get after a nice long run replaced the nicotine buzz and I feel like a whole new person. I was able to talk him down to six sense that's when school starts. I stopped drinking and coffee too, any triggers. They are also more at risk of becoming infertile. About three months ago she talked about smoking and I couldnt imagine her doing that. I am excited to get to bond with my son or daughter through cigarettes. She is not depressed (its what she tells me) and I believe it as Ive witnessed her depression years ago and no similar signs were appearing before this started. If you feel the same way, know that theres no right or wrong way to tell your husband about it: just be honest with what you feel, and be firm with your decision. Its even worse knowing that this could have been going for more than 3 years. She was too ashamed to tell her OB-gyn. How do you quit smoking cigarettes? Welcome to your safe haven fellow smokers! I must admit, we are really into it and maybe smoke twice a week. One dabbled with smoking so that was easy and he loved the fact that there was a "certain time" when my craving for a cigarette was strongest. I've always been a fairly social smoker, only on friday's with after work beers and sometimes a couple at home after the kids have gone to bed. My wife used to smoke a half pack a day of Marlboro Reds. Her breath stinks, clothes stink, the . I loved to see her smoke. 2 days later I was a non-smoker. 3 years later- still never wanted to light up. I didn't know how to hold it. Good for her! Not post natal. What worked for me was using e-cigarettes for about 2 months. YOur wife is acting extremely selfish, she does not care about your innocent childrens health, your marriage and quite frankly you she is subjecting them to deadly diseases. Not nightmares, more like a movie going on in your head. It took a little getting use to her breath when kissing, but I dont mind it now, she actually looks sexier now smoking and wearing high heels all the time. Come join the discussion about love, romance, health, behavior, conflict resolution, care, and more! Just a note. WTF. In 2011, after more than 30 years, I bought an EGO-T just out of interest. 30 days and my 10 year old habit was gone. Women who smoke are more likely to suffer from cervical cancer than women who do not smoke. Then call the Quitline and talk to them about how you can help her to quit before years go by and she will find it harder. I think the late starting smokers spouses are hoping to cash in on a life insurance policy. It will provide you with an easy-to-follow program tailored specifically to your needs. . Last night my wife and I went to a family wedding. So, I ended up not smoking for 5 days, then I just rode that train. If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your spam folder. Talk to that person. It is the most disgusting habit ever, she . I was a Hi everyone My name is Renee and I am 12 years old and I smoke I actually See today's best, hand picked, Amazon deals - Updated daily. This works for me, no idea why but I can go weeks without one, no problem. Its common for people who spend a lot of time together to develop similar behaviors and characteristics. I started smoking at 17 and have had no problems with it. Hmm there are far more things worse than smoking- think about that for a second, yes, I would leave. He should support and motivate you in your journey. She known all along i hate it. I don't either, really, but still get guilt feelings (a little) when I think that I was responsible for maybe giving him lung cancer in the distant future. She said she could finish a pack every three days. I was trying to get pregnant and then I did and stayed quit. My favorites for NJOYs. I love my after sex cigarette, my husband's head resting on my breast. That's great, but in the process I brought myself up to smoking a little over four packs a day, (one every ten minutes or so. Well, many adult women simply enjoy smoking they like the 120s and there cute cigarette cases and fancy lighters.. my wife has smoked since her mom let her when she was 15. As a result, smokers take longer to get pregnant than non-smokers. She needs to quit. I know so many people who quit for a long time, then started again. Around the same time, I started smoking cigarettes (have since quit). She finally got the nerve to smoke one in front of me on the long drive. Side effects are NOTHING compared to the damage you do to yourself by smoking Vivid dreams.. Thats their side effect. Now I am all for it, at the right time. She says, We went out on a date and before he picked me up I had a couple of cigarettes, when I kissed him he didnt even notice and it was better for me too I didnt have his bad taste.. My wife, smoker, died miserably of lung cancer in 2017. It could be every month, every week, or even after overcoming every trigger. In three weeks, you have quit gradually. It is making a conscious choice that negatively impacts your partner. Sure enough he had it. I started at 37. They must be lights. I used that brain washing book by Allen Carr . Has anyone else had this sort of experience? Is It Affordable? and co worker/smoker. What about E-cigarettes? She also said those cigarettes are old and her friend left it the car. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Shes probably hiding the box somewhere at work and grabbing a pack every week or so. Im disgusted and have no clue what to do, because she said she is never quitting. My wife, smoker, died miserably of lung cancer in 2017. I guess there is a lot to be said for earlier experiences. It's a 15 min prosess. I am 99% sure it was still sealed but honestly, I didnt think much about it. He now smokes about 7 or 8 B&Hs a day, and while he was concerned about his health at first, the more the addiction has taken a hold of him, the less he cares. She says it stress. She will have to want to quit. Older people can sometimes make some very bad choices, much like their younger counterparts do. 9 mths and counting a few cheats. Some may say one indulgence is one too many - I think if it's just curiosity and a one-time thing, it probably won't hurt to indulge. My next door neighbor, though, is a smoker. But it would have been smarter to find another stress relief and saved me another 5 years of wasted money and time on the bloody things. A link that will let you reset your password has been emailed to you. The both of you are adults so do not be ashamed smoking turns the both of you on so why not. After 20 years of smoking (started at age 14) I quit using it after nothing else worked. One more side effect, vivid dreams really vivid dreams. Why would someone take up smoking now it is so so expensive. I didnt smoke and she quit in her early 20s and was a passionate anti smoker for many years. 30 Apr 2023 09:34:47 The short answer is For this Reddit user, his sons smoking addiction started early: at only 13 years old. My husband smoked around ten cigs a day, and I always wanted him to smoke more. Show her how supportive you are, give up a habit she doesnt like, and make it equal, dont walk out, shes hurt and sick, she is suffering right now and needs help, and you being her HUSBAND should be helping her NOT LEAVING! Answer (1 of 17): I smoked. RebaRocket 3 yr. ago. Maybe your job causing her to smoke. I am now 44. Flat out leaving her will only make the situation worse. If youre a smoker, youve probably wondered at some point: Do cigarettes expire? I took my kids and just, My husband and I won 2.3 million on lotto last year , and. Both are difficult to control and started after marriage? She was curious so she kept at it long enough that she started to enjoy it then stopped for a while. There are certain things that attract us to our partners, not smoking is one of those things. And dont say a hypnotist because my buddy Dave tried that twice and it never worked.- nik. I'm lost with this response. But what I love the most is her utter dependence on cigarettes, her lust for the smoke, and her surrender every day to the forbidden fruit.. & nik my aunt & cousin were hypnotized 7 years ago & have not smoked since. He's gained weight and doesn't cycle much these days either. Cigarettes will start to taste terrible and after a couple of weeks, you really do lose all desire to smoke. By the time hes ready, he will definitely seek your help. I dont see myself having kids with her if she smokes or drinks several times a day and needs it before doing anything. Anyway, so once I found out I said I'd quit straight up as I don't want her doing it. Copyright 2021 Quit All Right Reserved. You can both set rules that will help you with your journey to recovery like the following: Why did you start smoking for your husband years ago? I asked her about it and she said it was her friends and she did not smoke with her that day. My next door neighbor seduced her other neighbor, a guy who was into bicycling and was a verbally obvious anti-smoker, to start smoking with her (it's a long story). walking home the four long blocks from the school where I teach. I tried what this poster did, and through the pandemic I brought him up to smoking one every twenty minutes or so. Me too. We have two kids. It's really not ok. Keep up the good work! I am a runner and still in pretty good shape although I smoke! For instance, maybe youve run Download now and start your quit smoking hypnosis program today. I just got tested positive COVID around 5 days ago and staying home alone is probably making me overreact. I dont like to go search her stuff but its eating me inside the fact that she might be lying. She has been a happy smoker ever since. It took around 3.5 years for me to fully recover from the smoking addiction. Toothpicks (cinnamon or mint) helped. I had her smoking 2 packs a day and she loved it. I had smoked on and off for almost 20 years and it worked for me. Then with the pandemic lockdown, some real gains happened. She taught me how to blow rings so we have competitions as to how many we can blow and how far. I began when I was 13 and smoke a pack and a half a day of Benson and Hedges. Yesterday, I took her car again and remembered the box of cigarettes. What would those certain things these days? Do you love her really? Two of the most common prescription medications used are Varenicline and Bupropion. The patch. It is the most disgusting habit ever, she wakes in the morning and instead of saying good morning to me she runs straight down stairs and smokes a cigarette, its like she needs that to be her first breath of the day. If she is willing to play along and indulge you I think it most certainly WILL become a full-on fetish. Not wanting to talk about it is also acceptable. And be prepared to have mood swings for like a few days. So I did exactly when this poster did and kept lighting cigs for my wife whenever I lit up. Although they have both quit smoking 15 years into the marriage, she recalls feeling glad about her decision to smoke back then. Myself included, I quit for 10 years then started again after a stressful split. Cotinine reduces the bodys production of genes in the fallopian tubes such as the BAD gene. Seeing this development has broken my heart. I would still try and smoke after but pretty soon my body would reject it because the stress it would put on my lungs. In 2011, after more than 30 years, I bought an EGO-T just out of interest. and even though I don't really understand your cigarette fetish, I shared a hookah with a lady once and it was kind of sexy. Make a podcast, YouTube or TikTok videos about our confessions and we'll promote your content, free! Employers choose who they choose ! I loved to see her smoke. Women who smoke are not only exposed to the same health risks experienced by men who smoke. Anonymous confessions, stories and advice. He always had a smoking fetish as a child and was helplessly addicted to it. All rights reserved. In fact, smoking makes Alzheimer's less likely. Tldr; I think my wife has picked up smoking recently and probably lying about how much she smokes, despite all my efforts to talk about it. She had the pack in her purse. I told her that I she really enjoyed she should do it. This is just as bad for the baby because nicotine reduces the supply of breast milk. I saw my wife completely different after this. I hope you ate okay with it when he gets sick. Explain to her that second hand smoke isn't showing love for you or her kids when her determination to destroy her health one costly pack at a time, is what she insists on pursuing. My wife however started to join me with the night ciggies and now she's started smoking at work. I love being a smoker. Should you leave your husband if he still forces you to smoke? I never had to worry about things like if I had cigarettes, if I had a lighter, if I would be able to sneak off outside to smoke., She also noticed that her sense of smell and breathing improved, and she no longer smelled like an ashtray full of stale cigarette butts.. NNK is one of the strongest carcinogens found in cigarettes also known to cause lung cancer and breast cancer. Not only is it beneficial for both of you, but it will also spare your kids (if you have any) from the effects of second-hand smoking. yh you can just have the vapor and no nicotine. Well, many adult women simply enjoy smoking they like the 120s and there cute cigarette cases and fancy lighters.. my wife has smoked since her mom let her when she was 15. Eat pure non processed foods, and healthy snacks. Take a close up video of her puffing away and send it to her phone daily, as if that would work. Lately, I have noticed 2 crumpled packs in the trash before the evening, and she is on another pack, so she is around 2 packs right now and loving it. She knows my stance on smoking as this topic came multiple times since her father smokes (we eventually convinced him to quit). Pregnant women who smoke greatly affect the baby inside the womb. In the bathroom, I spritz some lavender body spray and walk through the mist. If you're a smoker who's also spiritual, you may wonder if you should pray to quit smoking. I recently found out that I'm pregnant, and talked with my husband about quitting. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in by asking or giving advice, sharing stories, or just encouraging someone who is trying to quit. Management will probably test everyone then. I'm really excited by this. I knew my wife started smoking socially when she's out with her friends on weekends after I found a pack of cigarettes in her purse and asked her about it. Copyright 20052023 ConfessionPost.com.
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